How TCEvolutions Products Are Made

Upon holding a TCEvolutions product, you will immediately recognize its unparalleled quality compared to any other TCG accessory you've ever come across.  With the exceptional quality of the material, the craftmanship of the machining, the precision of the laser etching, and the brilliance of the anodized color, TCEvolutions products establish the benchmark in premium quality TCG accessories.  The natural next question is obviously: How are they made?
Unlike other metallic dice on the market that begin as cast formed (primarily for cost-saving reasons), our damage counters and traditional D6 dice starts with solid billet aluminum, ensuring the utmost quality foundation for our products. From here, it is easy to assume that they are simply cut into square blocks, anodized, and laser etched with numbers.  However, many are surprised that each die starts off as a square block with their own "prong" machined from the same block of material as seen below:
The prong is essential for securely holding the die throughout the anodizing process without compromising the surface of the dice. After the anodizing process is finished, the prong is meticulously removed, ensuring it is flat to that of the dice's surface.
For the numeric damage counters, laser etching is done carefully over what was once the base of the prong as precisely as possible to minimize the visibility of where the prong once was.  For the drilled D6 dice, the anodized blocks, once it has the prong removed, goes back into the machine one more time to have the dots drilled.  This reveals the original natural silver color of the aluminum material, which sits in nice contrast to the brilliant, anodized colors of the dice.

Ability and Vst*r Markers

Though they may seem simplistic, our ability and Vst*r markers undergo a manufacturing process of utmost precision. Every marker is precisely machined to its specifications, ensuring a flawlessly smooth edge that cannot be replicated with a less expensive and more cost-effective stamping procedure. Each marker is then anodized to one of our 10 brilliant colors and then goes back into the machine for a chamfered edge effect where a natural silver outline edge is revealed around the marker.  The laser etching then adds the finishing detail to every marker. For our classic markers, this is where the process ends, however for our new 2-tone markers, the process is much more involved.


For the 2-Tone effect, each marker is machined just like the classic markers, but after it is anodized, it is treated with a protective coating to cover the first color.  The marker now goes back into the machine for the chamfer silver edge, followed by another trip to anodizing for the second color.  Finally, the laser etching adds the finishing touch. 

Although the process to making our products may be tedious, the end result is well worth the effort in our opinion.  When you experience the quality and the finish of TCEvolutions products in your hands, you can be sure you are holding the very best in craftmanship. That is our goal and what we strive for with every single TCG accessory that bears the TCEvolutions brand, an unparalleled product of the highest quality for your TCG experience.