San Diego Double League Cup trip

San Diego Double League Cup trip

During the last weekend of August, we noticed that our friends down at San Diego were having league cups at two stores (one on Friday and one on Saturday) so on a whim we decided to make it a double header league cup weekend.  We scooped up our good Poke friend Aaron Friedman (one of the better players in the SoCal area) and headed down to San Diego for the weekend.

Tubby TCG League Cup (8/25)

Tubby's TCG is a small shop but ran by our good friend judge Wei who always look after Ashley during regionals as he is mostly judge the junior/senior division so it was nice to come out to support him.  

Aaron Friedman and TCE Aaron both took top 8 points while Pokedad Steve took top 4 points and scooped to top 4 opponent to leave early for dinner (Pokedad duty always comes first).  Ashely took the default senior win as she was the only one there, but she played well against the masters throughout the event.


TC Rocket's League Cup (8/26)

TC Rocket's shop was huge!!! and more than just a card shop.  It was stocked full of not just cards for all the popular TCGs, but also collectible toys, comics, table top games, and the best part is they also have their own pizza parlor next door which makes for getting a quick bite easy during tournaments.  

Unfortunately, we used up most of our luck yesterday at the Tubby's TCG cup with both Aaron missing out on the top 8 and only Ashley was able to capture more points finishing a nice 3rd place in a strong field of seniors.

Coming to the end of our double header league cup trip we wanted to end the weekend on a high note and decided to visit Pokedad's favorite spot in downtown San Diego:  The classis Lou & Mickey's steakhouse ( if you are ever in the area of the San Deigo Gas Lamp District, this place is a must!  

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